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Sep 26, 2011 11:00am EDT
focused in on michigan and came away with a sizable win in that state's straw poll. but the weekend's big winner explained why he came out on top in the sunshine state. >> message is more powerful than money. rick perry and mitt romney, they both spent a considerable amount of money in order to try to influence that florida straw poll. the people are listening to the message and not simply, with all due respect, just to the media. >> politico's patrick gaven joins me to talk about it. let's talk about this. it's been a rough couple of days for rick perry, especially coming out of this weekend in florida, a big setback. and we have people talking about the poor performance that he gave on thursday. here's more of what herman cain said on "today." >> i believe it hurt him a lot because not just in terms of what he said but in terms of how he said it. it's more than being able to come in with some prepared sound bites. you can't come into a debate like this with some prepared sound bites. >> how can the perry camp stop the bleeding? >> a lot of folks are saying, here's a guy that's had, at l
Sep 5, 2011 8:00am PDT
michigan back in 2008. some really tough jobs numbers in that state as well. you mentioned the national numbers. if you look at michigan, 10.9% unemployment there. in detroit alone, the unemployment rate gets even higher. almost 16%. so those figures certainly aren't helping the president. a lot of people wondering what he's going to say today. white house officials tell me he'll be talking about the importance of the middle class to this recovery, and he will also be challenging democrats and republicans to get behind this big jobs plan that he's going to unveil on thursday. a lot of these union members have been pushing the president to go big on this jobs plan. will he? we'll have to wait until thursday to find out. but we'll be listening to see if we get a glimpse of what he's going to say on thursday today. craig. >> kristen welker at the white house for us this morning. thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >>> texas officials are calling for any and all firefighters around austin to report for duty. wildfires threaten entire neighborhoods there. strong winds pushed the flames across th
Sep 21, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, what i definitely want you to address, i was as a forum in michigan saying you've got to cut taxes to provide jobs. bill clinton raised taxes, and bill clinton was able to produce 23.6 million jobs, and he taxed the rich. george bush gave the rich tax cuts in his eight years, we only got 3 million jobs. that is simple mathematics. how do you have a difference of 20.1 million jobs and people can't figure out that taxing the rich does not equal to not producing jobs. >> that says it all. that 22, 23 million jobs in a balanced budget, you didn't even add that, and wages went up during the clinton years. during the bush years, two big tax cuts, a giveaway to the drug and insurance companies, not to mention two warring and no real job growth. clearly just looking at a bit of history this trickle-down economic -- it simply doesn't work. we need a fair tax system. we need to invest in the way the president wants to. you're dead right. >> well, senator brown, thank you for your time. >> thank you, al. >> you keep fighting. >> thank you. >> from the suites to the streets, we can make americ
Sep 20, 2011 6:00pm EDT
's life. >> welcome to "politics nation." i'm al sharpton live from east lansing, michigan. tonight's lead. republicans have their new battle cry, class warfare. speaker john boehner is very good at endlessly saying no new taxes, but when it comes to helping those looking for work or rebuilding our nation, well, he has a pretty shocking description. >> at a time when -- time when it's spending that's out of control, giving the federal government more money would be like giving a cocaine addict, all right, more cocaine. >> giving more cocaine to an addict? that's how the republican house leader sees extending unemployment benefits. that doesn't seem like a winning message, neither does rallying against taxes. when you're like gop congressman john campbell who is worth $37 million. >> i don't want to raise my taxes. i don't want to raise your taxes or raise warren buffett's taxes, raise anyone's taxes. warren buffett says he thinks he ought to pay more money. well, you know, there's nothing stopping him from doing that right now. he can pay more money to the federal government if he wants to
Sep 7, 2011 11:00am EDT
,000. and then a big dip in unemployment. >>> and the top state for job growth? take a peek. it is michigan. the state's unemployment rate is above the national average but it's dipped nearly 2% over the last year. even with the high national unemployment we've seen some private sector job growth every month this year. rosemary from, vice president for human resources, is here to help us break down the facts for job seekers out there. good to see you this morning. this is such an important segment that we're very proud of here because we want to see america get back to work and we've seen the states. talk to us about the sectors that people have the best chance to find the current openings in right now. >> we're definitely seeing a variety of speeds, i think in that recovery. industries like i.t., engineering, health care, they continue to create jobs and have been doing so fairly steadily over the past couple of years. >> rosemary, let's get specific, corporations at career builder has a list of companies hiring and doing so in large volume. is this all growth in specific regions or
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)